Connect your bank to Akaunting

Connect your bank account to Akaunting and set up bank feeds. Transactions flow into Akaunting regularly so you can stay on top of your business.

connect your bank to akaunting

A better way to send money.

Automate the process

Connect your bank and your bank transactions are automatically brought to your Akaunting account.

Take control of your business

Keep track of all bank transactions and match them with invoices and bills with one click.

Save time to grow

Spend more time on growing your business while Akaunting automate the process.

All the process is automatic

Connect your bank account and enjoy the comfort of knowing that your transactions are reflected automatically in your accounting software each day.

  • Connect multiple banks
  • Unlimited bank accounts
  • 12 months of transactions
  • Match invoices easily

Meet the ease

With Akaunting Bank Feeds, you can automate all the process and enjoy the convenience growing your business.

No more hassle

You can review every single transaction at just single glance and effortlessly match them to invoices and bills.

Always controlled

Check out how you're doing by viewing your income and outcome

Fetch transactions

In a sudden need, fetch all transactions with one click

Trustable & Safe

Bank Feeds works with Plaid and GoCardless, most trusted infrastructures.

Check if your bank is available

Find and connect your bank to Akaunting and enjoy the ease.

Greater Today

Use Akaunting for free or select a plan to fulfill your business needs. Akaunting never imposes limitations like trial versions.