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How to install an app?

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Apps can be free or paid. Paid apps have monthly and yearly subscription options. If you’d like to use the app on self-hosted installation, you have to subscribe to the app on a yearly plan.

Apps API Key

Buying an app

  1. Select your preferred subscription period – Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime
  2. Click the Buy Now or Add to Cart button
  3. Go to the Checkout page from the button on the top right
  4. Enter your credit/debit card and billing details
  5. Done

Installing an app

  1. Finish the payment process
  2. Go back to the app details page
  3. Click the Install button that will appear instead of Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons
  4. Done
How to buy an app

You can cancel subscriptions from the subscriptions page. After cancellation, you can continue to use the app until the end of the subscription period, when support and update will discontinue.

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