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Reconciling accounts

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Bank reconciliation is a process to ensure that your company’s income and expense records match your bank records.

The reconciliations page is located under the Banking > Reconciliations menu. You can see all reconciliations on this page, search for any, create a new one, edit the current ones or delete them.

Reconciled income/expenses get protected, so they can’t be deleted. You can reconcile your transaction for a selected period or edit your closing balance if needed to reconcile your accounts. To complete reconciliation, your Closing Balance and Cleared Amount must be the same. When you select from a list of transactions, you can see the difference at the bottom left of the reconciliation page.

When creating a new reconciliation, the following fields are displayed:

  • Start Date: The date reconciliation is performed.
  • End date: Reconciliation end date
  • Closing Balance: The reconciled balance.
  • Account: The account from which the reconciliation is carried out.

On the Reconciliations page, you can click the checkbox on a transaction to see the following quick options just at the top – Reconcile, Unreconcile, and Delete.

You can also hover over a transaction to Edit or Delete.

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