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Chart of Accounts

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Double-Entry presents you a Chart of Accounts list that shows account types and its’ details. You can see account types, what items they contain, types, and ability situations on this page and edit them. Chart of Account list page displays account code, account name, account, balance, and status. You can easily adjust the Chart of Account according to your needs.

You can add a new account, import your account list, or export yours in Akaunting from the button on the top right. To add a new account, just click the “Add New” button on the top right. If necessary, you can delete the default COA list and create or import your own COA list. Note that deleting and disabling are not possible if an account has associated with a transaction. You can view each account balance on this page. Additionally, each account’s activities are listed by clicking related account. You can manage your transactions default account type on the Settings page.

In Double-Entry, all classes are collected under these 5 account types.

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Expenses
  • Income
  • Equity

Creating a New Account

You can add a new account easily on the Chart of Accounts page. To do this, click on Add New button on the top right and fill in the required fields. After entering the account name, account type, code, and description (optional), you can save it by selecting whether it is enabled or disabled. If necessary, you can add a sub-account by entering the parent account.

double-entry chart of accounts add new account

Import and Export

You can export your COA list with one click at the right top of the COA page. To import your COA, you can find the import template on the import page, and then you can fill this excel table according to your request. You need to fill in the all required fields to complete the import. An account code can be added only for one account, if there is a duplicate account code on the import table, import is not completed. You can not add a new account type by importing a new COA list, you must use the previously added one. You can find the list of account Types below. If you want to import the Revenues/Payments with a chart of accounts, you have to fill a column named chart_of_account that contains the code/name/id of an account.


  • Bank & Cash
  • Current Asset
  • Depreciation
  • Fixed Asset
  • Inventory
  • Non-current Asset
  • Prepayment


  • Current Liability
  • Liability
  • Non-current Liability
  • Tax


  • Direct Costs
  • Expense


  • Other Income
  • Revenue
  • Sales


  • Equity
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