How to customize existing features and add more

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  • Juan Zarolas    ( User ) 3 months ago

    Right now I'm starting to work on a college CS project. It requires some level of basic accounting so I have been looking for an open source project that I can use as starting point. I've worked with Laravel before and I love it, so when I saw Akaunting I thought it was the best framework to start with. In order to know if it is going to suit my needs I would like to ask some questions about the things that worry me the most.

    The app that I'm thinking about need to customize some of the existing features in Akaunting. For example Akaunting's purchase bills are so complete and have so much functionality, but that's too much for this project. I would like to remove some of these in order to make the app more easy to use. I would like to get rid of the due date field, which is required right now, and the bill number too, since the app doesn't need to have a correlative billing id. I don't want to modify Akaunting's source code because that will make it more difficult to update to newer versions. How could I removed this kind of functionality without modifying Akaunting's source code? Could I create a custom app that extends purchase bills functionality by removing some fields?

    Also, I'd like to add features that doesn't exist yet. One example is to have an admin company that will be able to set taxes and other common settings that will be available for the rest of the companies in the system. This admin company will also have the ability to have reports of the other companies data. I believe that this can be achieved by creating an app that covers this use case. Am I right? Is there any piece of information that I'm missing?

    I'd really appreciate any help.

  • Juan Zarolas    ( User ) 3 months ago
    This link seems to cover part of my question: I will dive deeper on this soon.

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