Project Report

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  • Ehsan Azam    ( User ) 3 years ago

    Do you guys have the project report? Can you give me the report? 

  • Ahmet Kurucan    ( User ) 3 years ago

    What is that project/report?

  • Ehsan Azam    ( User ) 3 years ago

    I mean do you have any kind sort of like a documentation about the process flow of the system, development plan, Entity Relation Diagram (ERD) or Data Flow Diagram (DFD) of the database ( how do the each table in the database connect with each other)? 

    Any information on those thing will be helpful, really appreciate it.

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 years ago

    Akaunting is written on top of Laravel so it's documentation answers your questions:

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