Software is very slow, let's make it super fast

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  • Kamal    ( User ) 3 months ago
    Hello, the software is very slow even on a fast server and fast internet as well. Even on localhost, with good performance laptop, the software is slow. How can we make it fast? Even to login, it takes around 5-15 seconds. Similarly, for each transaction, it takes a too long time. Let's make it fast.
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 months ago

    It's already super fast on our cloud with +100K companies and Digital Ocean:
  • Kamal    ( User ) 3 months ago
    It takes on average 15 seconds to login on the local computer and even on online. and around 10-15 seconds to save any data, like bills, payment, so on. My host provider is digital ocean cloud host. But taken from third party in Nepal. because we cannot pay directly by Nepali bank Card.
  • Rashid Shafiq    ( User ) 2 months ago
    Denis, great product but this seems awfully slow on local machine as well. Is there anything in particular that takes up the loading time, is it vue or something else? 2 seconds just to navigate to another page is really slow, i just installed it locally and theres no data still pretty slow to go from one screen to other.
  • Juan Zarolas    ( User ) 2 months ago
    I have a similar problem. It's specially visible with the tests.

    I run Akaunting locally in a Docker container. My Docker environment has 4 CPUs and 2GB RAM and I set up a MySQL 5.7 database and an Apache server. They are not a lot of resources but should be enough to run an app locally. However, the tests take insanely long tu run. For example each test in the CurrenciesTest suite takes around 2 m30 s to finish. Is this normal? I have Xdebug installed in my Docker container, can this have an impact on performance?

  • Juan Zarolas    ( User ) 2 months ago
    Xdebug was the problem for the slow tests. I have disabled it. If you are using docker-compose you can use this tutorial ( to enable/disable Xdebug on the fly.
  • Ali Hakan Sözen    ( User ) 1 month ago
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  • Kamal    ( User ) 1 month ago
    What can be done to make fast or what shall I do to my server to make fast. I've not done anything, I just downloaded from Akaunting website and unzip and upload on server and set the database and login detail. Please provide some tips and tricks. I know to code too. I am a developer too.

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