How to hide the dashboard?

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  • Nadiya Mega    ( User ) 1 month ago
    There was a need to hide the dashboard from the manager.
    Maybe someone will tell you how to do it?
    I don't want he in Akaunting to see these large amounts of sales, expenses, and my earnings on the homepage).
    I have set up the roles that he needs to work, but I don't know how to hide the dashboard.
    I will be very grateful for the tip!
  • Iflycuba    ( User ) 4 weeks ago
    are you using hosted version or self host?
  • Nadiya Mega    ( User ) 3 weeks ago
    I use self host. I installed up Akaunting through CPanel with Softaculous
  • Iflycuba    ( User ) 3 weeks ago
    You need to edit the files, since there is no menu to hide, you can install logmein app and send me invite to, iflycuba at Gmail dot com
  • Nadiya Mega    ( User ) 3 weeks ago
    It may be easier, if I provide you with data to access my site (hosting where files Akaunting are located)?
  • Nadiya Mega    ( User ) 3 weeks ago
    I mean FTP access
  • Iflycuba    ( User ) 3 weeks ago
    i got email with Your File
    bug.rar 65 MB

    an archieve of the files, i ll run on the AMpps and let u know,
  • Nadiya Mega    ( User ) 2 weeks ago
    Hi, Iflycuba, happy New Year!
    How are you?
    So can you help with reflection the dashboard for manager?
  • Iflycuba    ( User ) 2 weeks ago
    I made the database but it didn't work, as it is complaining about the original dB, I have to extract the theme files and try on new installation, I ll send u update, was busy in holidays..

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