Invoice import problem. Does import works?

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  • Aleksandar Popovski    ( User ) 1 month ago

    Basically I am just testing on a local install the features that I need to see if everything works. After the initial import issue and 500 eror through debuging it came out the date format was the issue. After fixing the date issue the import was fine in terms of no errors. However the import does not perform as it should. Here is the situation:
    1.I have one client in the system with his email address clien 1.
    2.I downloaded the invoice export file.
    3.In the invoice export file I just changed the invoice number and entered the client email address to see if the import will work and match the client with the imported invoice.
    4. I performed the import without any error and the following happend.
    - An invoice was created for for test customer that did not exist in the system
    - A test customer was created in the clients list based on import procedure
    - A second duplciate account was created of the initially created account Client 1.
    - No invoice was imported with the invoice id ment for Client 1

    Before import
    One Clien1 and no invoices
    After import
    Client 1 no invoice
    Test client with invoice test
    Duplicate Client 1 no invoice

    Does import work at all ? Any idea how to resolve this.

  • Aleksandar Popovski    ( User ) 1 month ago
    Please ignore my post. I did not notice that the import xlsx file has multiple sheets inside. It will be hard to import from any other programme with such format but will try :)

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