Problem Euro managment software

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  • Giuseppe    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the Akaunting in practice when I set my currency which is in Euro it gives me unpacked values for the price and the VAT percentage for example 10 $ become through the management € 100.000,00 how I can fix this problem very important? I tried to understand what is the function that makes the conversion but I could not understand what it is.Best regards, thanks again for the availability and for having created this management software.Giuseppe

  • Themistoklis Lavazos    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Good mornig i hve the right probleme in my installation

  • M B    ( User ) 1 year ago

    We have the same problem. All values on the overview page and lists have shifted by 4 digits. No changes have been made recently and 3 months ago everything was still correct.

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