taxes resume: 12months but 11 columns. Why?

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  • Evelyne Bounadere    ( User ) 8 months ago
    Hi! Wondering something stange on my taxes resume.. On the first line, the 12 months are written. Below this line, you have the different taxes in section including income and expenses on 2 lines. for these 2 lines, I only have 11 columns. Why?
    I did the test to enter expenses or income in January and December to see if it was missing the first or the last month, but they are there ... I miss a column .. What should I do ?
  • Evelyne Bounadere    ( User ) 8 months ago
    found it.. in french, the system put june and july togheter. JUIn and JUIllet, there is 2x JUI... Not great! I have to re-do these 2 months. Such a waste of time..

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