Error: Could not connect to the database! Please, make sure the details are correct.

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  • Felix Bachofner    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Like so many others, I am having this frustrating (first run) issue after installing and provisioning access to Akaunting.

    The install instructions are quite inadequate, but between them and various forum posts and replies, I figured out that I have to:

    • create an empty mySQL DB

    • use utf8  (apparently this problem catches those using utf8mb4*)

    • use a simple (character) password -- no special characters, no spaces . . . US-ASCII upper, lower and numbers only)

    • additionally, I used a simple username (simpler than mySQL mandates)

    I have tested that the user in question can connect to the DB (I used HeidiSQL and Adminer, just to be sure)


    This is on newly released Akaunting 1.3.3

    This is on Ubuntu 18.04 running on NginX 1.15.6

    The site is protected with a cert from Let's Encrypt.

    It is at its own url with its own document root -- nothing else is getting in the way.


    Thanks in advance for any quick ideas you may have on solving this issue.


    * Note, the devs should really allow for use of utf8mb4.  There are many analyses showing that utf8 is not capable of a complete international character set.  Given the number of languages Akaunting supports, a complete character set should really be used.

  • Felix Bachofner    ( User ) 1 year ago

    In addition to the other configuration details I posted, I also tried with a user with two types of permisions:

    1. the user hass ALL permissions for just the akaunting DB

    2. the user has ALL permissions for ALL mySQL DBs on the server

    In either case, the user has access only from localhost and the local network.  Since this is a webapp, localhost access to the DB should be more than enough . . .

  • Felix Bachofner    ( User ) 1 year ago

    I just noticed that the online documentation is editable.

    After Thanksgiving I will take some time to flesh out the (fairly significant) details which are missed at the page:

    Thank you for allowing users to participate in the documentation.  That's great!  :-)

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