moving DB to an other PC with a fresh Akaunting installation

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  • Sergio Banchelli    ( User ) 8 months ago
    I need to move the DB from a pc to another with an Akaunting fresh installation.
    During the installation, it generates the mysql DB with random prefix (i.e. bep_ or 4gf_ ...etc, each time differntly).
    Please could you help me to understand if there is a config file where change the prefix DB once the installation is over?
    In this way I could generate a dump file from old DB and uploading it over the new pc.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Ashtec014    ( User ) 8 months ago
    You have to open .env file and look for DB_PREFIX then change it with the prefix setup same as one from your old DB.
  • Jahangir Mohammad Ali Siddique    ( User ) 7 months ago
    where available the .env file ? can u show me location Please
  • Sergio Banchelli    ( User ) 7 months ago
    Thanks. Solved.
  • Ashtec014    ( User ) 7 months ago
    @Jahangir - the .env file is located inside your akaunting installation folder.

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