Announcing $100K Apps Fund2 min read

Jul 1, 2021 2 min
Akaunting $100K Apps Fund

Announcing $100K Apps Fund2 min read

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We invest in developers solving difficult problems by using Laravel.

Here’s why.

At Akaunting, we aimed for an ecosystem where developers, translators, and other service providers work together to form solutions that help freelancers and SMBs. The ecosystem business model resonates with marketplaces, so we built Akaunting App Store. 

It allows people from all around the world to find what matters for their business management process. And the solutions are developed by people worldwide. In the past three years, the marketplace validated our belief in ecosystems where people can work together to tackle complex business problems. Yet, it still feels like a work in progress, and it will move forward a lot with the contributions of new developers. 

We know that not all technology is created equal. Some are more impactful innovations. And we knew where to go for that. We used Laravel, Vue.js, Livewire, and Bootstrap frameworks to develop Akaunting, free and open-core software used by more than a hundred thousand companies worldwide.

Our goal of helping businesses become more productive can not be built unproductively. Laravel helped us with that. We learned a lot from the community and always felt indebted. This initial fund is our give-back to the community.

The fund is a total of $100K investment and aims to support more than hundreds of developers within six months. If you are a Laravel developer, have experience in Vue.js, and are willing to develop business solutions, we are thrilled to hear from you.

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of platforms that creators can monetize their efforts. This trend is definitely here to stay. And developers are eager to get on board with that. Developers are the one segment of creators who are at the epicenter of our movement, and we feel the urgency to support them.  

The fund we launched is a step to keep the community in the loop with giving to each other and we believe in the strength of sharing. With the power of the unique marketplace and developer network, we have brought together, we will be raising even larger funds in the coming years.

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