A Year to The Day – Akaunting is One

Sep 14, 2018 2 min
A year to the day

A Year to The Day – Akaunting is One

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Akaunting is One – We celebrate our milestones.

A year today since our launch, and it feels like only yesterday.

The last 12 months have been nothing short of exciting. However, there is more to come.

Besides that, our free online accounting software has enjoyed being the first and only Open Source accounting software.

We outline our successes in the last 12 months.


Our business model sells apps created by us or 3rd party developers through the App Store.

We opened the App Store in November 2017, and it has received a lot of positive traction, with 30% of the revenue sent to 3rd party developers.

Akaunting is one - Accounting App Store


Akaunting has 35,000+ times downloads.

We surpassed 8,500th company domains.

12,000+ companies are using our cloud service for their bookkeeping needs. That means over 20,000 companies worldwide use Akaunting for their everyday bookkeeping needs.

Akaunting is worldwide

According to Google Analytics, Small businesses in 215 countries use Akaunting.

It is in 30 languages, thanks to our 168 volunteer translators.


Since Akaunting launched, we’ve released 47 versions, and our GitHub repository got 850+ stars, 300+ forks, 485 issues and pull requests (5 open), and 900+ commits.

Our community has created and replied to 650+ topics in the support forum.

We also published an NPS poll into the cloud version for one month, and the result is pretty good: 58.


Akaunting 1.3 is on the way and will be available in October 2018.

We are starting its development next week, so feel free to reply to this topic if you’re a developer and want to contribute.

We’ll focus on bringing more apps to the App Store in the second year.


We want to celebrate this milestone with a 10% discount on the App Store for ten days.

Coupon code: FIRSTYEAR10


We think it was a pretty fantastic year.

People are excited about our solution, and we won’t stop improving Akaunting to simplify how you do everyday Accounting for your company.

Start with Akaunting Self-Hosted or Sign up with Cloud Service.