Akaunting 3 Months Traction2 min read

Dec 14, 2017 2 min
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Akaunting 3 Months Traction2 min read

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It has passed 3 months since we released the first version of Akaunting, on September 14, and I’m incredibly excited and pleased to share where we are today. We didn’t have a lot of fanfare and we had very little publicity surrounding the launch. We visited only one local event and shared it with everyone we could. Other than that event we’ve relied on organic growth. Laravel community has pushed a lot this growth.

So let’s start the show:


Akaunting is an Open Source software hosted on GitHub and open for everyone to contribute. We’ve released 17 versions and got 400+ stars, 100+ forks, 145 issues and pull requests (8 open), and 300+ commits till now.


Google Analytics says that 25K total, 17K unique visitors have come to the website. They have created 120K page views in total.


Akaunting has been downloaded 6000 times. We’ve surpassed the 1000th domain using Akaunting for their company. Our cloud service, also free, has reached 1500 companies using Akaunting for their accounting needs. That’s right, over 2500 companies from around the world have begun their new accounting adventure. They’ve found the future of accounting software. They have set themselves and their businesses free.


According to Google Analytics, Akaunting has been discovered in 162 different countries. It has been fully translated into 14 languages by 46 translators. We would like to give huge thanks to our volunteer translators.


About 1 month ago, we opened the App Store for Akaunting. It is used to extend Akaunting functionality. Until today, 14 apps have been added to the App Store by 32 vendors/developers and the sales are going pretty good there. Some apps are in the review process.


I think our traction is pretty amazing. But even more amazing is the response we’ve gotten. People are excited about our disruption to the closed-source dominated market of accounting software. It’s clear that they’ve been looking for a long time for such software. So that’s all for now 😉

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