Akaunting App Store3 min read

Nov 10, 2017 2 min
Akaunting App Store

Akaunting App Store3 min read

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Woot woot! The waiting is over. Today, we’re so excited to open the App Store for Akaunting, the only free, online, and open source accounting software. It has passed almost 2 months since we released the first version and we’ve received a huge interest in Akaunting, especially from the userbase of the framework that Akaunting uses, Laravel. As of being the best PHP framework, Laravel has a large user base.

While we strongly believe that Akaunting is the best free accounting software out there, we’re very well aware that it’s not perfect, just like everything in the real world. Akaunting ships with core accounting tools needed to manage the money. For further features, instead of creating bloated software by adding all of them to the core, we’ve created a modular structure so that it could get extended easily.


So what are these apps for? Everything. Accounting software is widely used, by all kinds of businesses. For example, an app can connect an online store built with WooCommerce so that products, customers, and orders could get transferred to Akaunting automatically. Another one may connect to CRM. And another one maybe a payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, etc to be used on the client-side of Akaunting software to pay invoices online. Akaunting is a global project having users from all over the world which means that hundreds of local and/or global payment gateways are required. An app may also add extra handy or accounting features to the system, it doesn’t have to be kinda integrated with another platform. In short, there is a limitless world for apps.


As you definitely know from other app (Apple, Google) stores, an App Store is a digital distribution platform for purchasing and installing 3rd party applications to software. The app store is accessible from any Akaunting software installation and/or our site here. You can purchase, install, enable, uninstall apps with one click. Isn’t that easy?


In order to access the app store from your Akaunting software installation, and install the apps you’ve purchased, you will need to create an API token and enter it when you get asked for it. That’s the bridge between the software and the site.


Apps are sold under a yearly subscription plan. Their price is generally between $19 and $99 USD per year. Users can always cancel their subscriptions from the dashboard. In such a case, they can still continue to use the app but can’t get further support and updates. We’ve tried to create a fair system for both users and developers.


The commission rate is fixed at %70 of each sale, meaning you get %70, and Akaunting company keeps %30. If you reach $20K USD sales in total, then you get 80% of all new earnings and Akaunting company keeps 20%. You will get paid at the end of each month after you reach $100 USD in total.

Special Commission

First followers/supporters are always important so we’ve created a special commission for developers registered and added one app within the first month from today (until 2017-12-10). Their commission rate will be 90% for 6 months. Akaunting company will keep just 10% to handle the money transfer costs. Join right now and don’t miss this special commission rate.


Akaunting is built using the Laravel framework so if you’re familiar with it then creating Akaunting apps will be a pushover for you. Here you can learn more about the structure of apps start creating your own within a couple of minutes.

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