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Premium Cloud: Connect your bank accounts4 min read

Nov 17, 2021 3 min

Premium Cloud: Connect your bank accounts4 min read

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We believe that developers can lead to a significant transformation in financial software services. The history of software reveals that the impact that developers can create is amplified by open-source. Akaunting has been a company where open source and financial technologies meet. This is a substantial opportunity for developers, yet it may not be apparent what it means for users. The Akaunting experience made it evident to us that distribution is vital for those people who are looking for software solutions. 

The model we have experimented with so far has proved that plenty of people need a bundle of solutions. And they are not shy to name these bundle premium services. We could not neglect the fact that Akaunting users choose our service because they want to focus on what matters for growing their business, and as they grow, they can add new apps along the way. So they do not complicate their business management process.

Creating value that tens of thousands of people applaud in a short time is an excellent source of motivation for you to do more. We often announce new features with the never-ending desire to work hard and do more at Akaunting. Hold tight! You’ll love our next innovation: premium features in Akaunting!

To help your business, we wanted to offer multiple features at once and gathered them all under one package: Premium Cloud! We’ve made it easy for you to access numerous premium features with a single click, as you’re used to in Akaunting.

We can list the newly introduced Premium Cloud features of Akaunting as follows:

Bank Feeds

Any banking service consumer needs at one point to get their data out for analyzing and recording their transactions. Akaunting users have been asking for such a connectivity service for some time now. With the bank feeds feature, you can import your data automatically as transactions. So you can quickly review your transactions and connect them to invoices and bills. The bank feeds service is available for users from the US, Canada, EU, and the UK. Finally, it’s available only for Premium Cloud, not for self-hosted installations.

Address Autocomplete

It may be tricky to keep the information accurate and clean about your clients. Address autocomplete allows you to accurately find and record the address details of your clients swiftly. So you may be more confident about the address for any snail mails correspondence. Also, it’s available only for Premium Cloud, not for self-hosted installations.

General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Chart of Accounts, and more come naturally

Akaunting comes with basic single-entry accounting features for free. If you need to manage your company’s finances comprehensively, we strongly suggest you do so, and you may need to get a balance sheet and trial balance reports. These reports work accurately only if your solution allows you to record your entries in a general ledger. Akaunting Premium is the way to go for you when you need to take your bookkeeping towards an advanced one and get a Balance Sheet, Chart of Accounts, and more.

Unlimited users

You can add as many users as you want in Akaunting. You can create an account for your entire team and easily manage your business as a team, even if you are a huge team!

Billing Calendar

If you have a hectic work schedule, it is easier to lose track of your billing calendar. You might miss the due dates for the bills you are receiving and sending. Billing Calendar allows you to manage your calendar regarding your books and reduces the probability of overdue payments. 

Live Currency

If your business deals with multiple currencies you are probably running an international operation. There might be many things on your table to consider rigorously, from shipping to providing services in multiple languages. But with the Live Currency solution, you would not need to worry about the currency exchange rates, because they are fetched from the most popular data providers. 

Expense Claims

Tracking expenses is essential to keep your books accurate all the time. And the expenses made by your employees may be harder to follow and record. The expense management feature is designed to help you get your business expenses done easily and collectively with all your team members. 

Support Ticket

In Akaunting, there is always someone whenever you need. The support team and expert developers are always there to answer and help your questions. You can now create tickets for all your questions and get support from the experienced Akaunting team members with just a few clicks for the apps that come with the premium plan. 

Will the Akaunting you’re used to changing? Of course not! You will still be able to use Akaunting as you used to, but with a few minor changes. In the premium package where we combined multiple features, we also incorporated the number of users and limited the number of users you can create if you want to continue using Akaunting for free.