Free FreshBooks Alternative

Aug 22, 2017 < 1 min
Free Freshbooks alternative

Free FreshBooks Alternative

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Tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money on FreshBooks accounting? Looking for a free alternative? Maybe you just don’t like the constant nagging to sign-up. Akaunting is a perfect choice. Free, online, and open source. Download and put on your own server or start instantly the free cloud/hosted account.

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6 reasons why Akaunting is amazing


Akaunting is completely free, with no strings attached. Don’t pay absurd monthly fees for something you can have for free.


Keep your financials on your own server. Don’t trust your information to someone else’s security.


Akaunting keeps your financial data and shows you everything you’ve entered. Don’t give your financials to another company.


The Akaunting community is full of other people just like you. Working together to help everyone succeed!


Akaunting is cutting-edge software using the best existing design and code, Bootstrap and Laravel.


Akaunting is flexible and can be extended in the way your business functions. Check out the App Store!