Just shipped > Akaunting 1.3

Nov 7, 2018 3 min
Akaunting 1.3 released

Just shipped > Akaunting 1.3

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Akaunting 1.3 has been upgraded to a newer version – Akaunting 3.0

Akaunting 1.3 brings a newer version of bookkeeping software with new features and improvements.

Labeled Akaunting 1.3 [Reconciliation], this version addresses the need of users with improvements, changes, and of course, bug fixes.

This release is named “Reconciliation” based on one of the most important features added; the ability to reconcile your income/expenses with your bank transactions. 

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to Akaunting 1.3 with bug reports, tests, suggestions, and development.

Now, let’s see what we have new in this release:

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a process of matching and ensuring whether the balance in Akaunting is in sync with the amount in the bank account.

This was one of the most requested features by our community and now you can reconcile all of your accounts.

Reconciled incomes/expenses get protected so they can’t be edited and/or deleted.

Connect your bank to Akaunting

Multiple, Compound, Inclusive Taxes

Financials are affected by regulatory taxes and each company has different country-specific taxes to adhere to. This is why we’ve done our best to improve the taxing process on Akaunting 1.3.

Now you can add multiple taxes, make the tax inclusive, and apply a compound tax to any invoice item.

Invoice Columns, Steps, and Link

Our community has asked several times how to customize the column names of the invoice such as using Hour instead of Quantity. So we’ve added such a feature in this release.

We’ve also added a step-by-step guide after creating the invoice so you could easily see its status and take action.

Finally, Akaunting 1.3 comes with the Unique Invoice Link feature, which allows you to send the link to your customer so they could make the payment without having to log in.


The installation of Akaunting is pretty easy. However, starting the invoicing and accounting process may require some additional steps, such as entering business details, creating currencies and taxes, etc., which are located on different pages.

After the installation process, the quick start wizard will show up, allowing you to enter all requirements easily. It can also be skipped.

Reflect Recurring

In version 1.2, we added the recurring feature, but the upcoming income/expenses of the recurring were not reflected in their related months.

This version adds this feature and allows Akaunting to show clear forecasting.

Akaunting 1.3 Cash flow problems

Advanced Filters

Creating and listing incomes/expenses and seeing the reports are important. However, being able to filter them by date, account, category, customer, etc., is so important, and the 1.3 version comes with advanced filters and multiple selection features.

Automated Tests

While we strongly believe that Akaunting is the best free accounting software out there, we’re very well aware that it’s not bug-free.

In addition to our manual tests, this version ships with automated feature tests, making Akaunting more and more stable.

3 New Languages

Thanks to our community and translators at Crowdin, the 1.3 release comes with 3 new languages, and almost all languages are updated.

Lithuanian, Macedonian, and Slovak are the new languages added, making Akaunting a worldwide accounting software translated into 33 languages.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also fixed many bugs in this release, such as print and pdf layout, SSL in email links, remember me not working, categories in the transactions page, MySQL 8 compatibility, and much more.

You can find the full changelog on our GitHub page.

How to update to Akaunting 1.3

Updating your current Akaunting to the latest 1.3 version is easy and must be updated smoothly. Please take a full backup (database and files) of your Akaunting before updating it.

Then you can update it with one click via the Update center in the admin panel. For more information, refer to the Update documentation.

Akaunting 1.3 Discount

We want to celebrate this milestone with a 13% discount for 3 days on the App Store. Coupon code: ONETHREE

Some Metrics

Finally, here are some latest metrics.

Our cloud service has passed 15,000 companies, and Akaunting has been downloaded 45,000+ times. We’ve also passed 1,300 stars on GitHub.

Enjoy it!