Akaunting 3.1: Speed, Licensing, and Plans

Oct 3, 2023 4 min
Akaunting 3.1: Speed, Licensing and Plans

Akaunting 3.1: Speed, Licensing, and Plans

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Akaunting 3.1 introduces accounting speed, licensing, and new plans for businesses of every size.

A missing financial record is a business owner’s nightmare. That’s why keeping accurate records of your finances often requires having an eye for details and ensuring that nothing goes out of sight.

However, paying attention to details results in doing the necessary with more time. So, you often have to compromise speed for accurate records.

Well, you can lay that thought to rest in our new update.

With Akaunting 3.0 last year, we redefined how you can easily customize your Accounting processes on an elegant UI and a smooth UX.

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Building upon the success of 3.0, we are excited to introduce Akaunting 3.1.

Akaunting 3.1 matches accounting speed with accuracy, serving Freelancers, Small business owners, and Accountants faster, more efficiently, and delivering convenience.

So, what are the updates:

Speed – 3x Faster

We have enhanced the caching techniques, optimized SQL queries, and improved HTTP calls to make Akaunting run exceptionally fast.

What does this mean?

The elegance of bookkeeping is in the speed of handling your everyday operations. So, navigating your financial records from one page to another is now 3x faster.

You click, and before you can say “Speedy Gonzales,” your records are loaded. 🤗

This significant improvement in speed and performance will be noticeable as soon as you start on Akaunting.

Enhanced Filter

Now, you have improved control over the data you see in reports.

Enhanced filters allow you to select multiple options by category, account, customer, etc.

What does this mean?

More filters allow you to slice and dice your financial records data or content in various ways.

You can fine-tune searches and save enormous time with precise and accurate results while analyzing or sorting your financial data.

Custom-Date Reports

Akaunting 3.0 had improved reporting. However, we have taken a step further with custom-date reports, giving you more flexibility and speed to see required data just how you want it.

Previously, it was only possible to filter by year, quarterly. However, with Akaunting 3.1, you can select a custom date range and go as far back as months or years.

Contact Persons

On Akaunting 3.1, we have introduced contact persons for customers that ensure you spend less time sending invoices or receipts to primary and secondary recipients.

What does this mean?

When adding a new customer, you now have the option of defining contact persons. This allows you to automatically send invoices or receipts to the primary and secondary recipients without manually typing their email addresses every time.

Just add email recipients from a list of contact persons.

Bulk Edit

One of the most requested features from users was the ability to bulk edit transactions. With Akaunting 3.1, you can now Edit, Update, and Save multiple records simultaneously.

What does this mean?

Let’s say you have multiple invoice transactions that you want to put in the same category. You can select all associating transactions and use the bulk edit functionality to group them all in the same category.

This saves you the precious and productive time of manually updating them one after another.

New Tabs

On 3.0, you had to apply filters to see paid or outstanding Invoices/Bills. Akaunting 3.1 groups your Bills, Invoices, or Transactions in tabs.

What does this mean?

With a simple switch of tabs, you can see the status of bills or invoices. You can also see transactions that are income and expenses.

More Features

Oops! Did you accidentally cancel an Invoice or Bill? Perhaps you canceled and wrote off an unpaid invoice as a bad debt, but somehow, the customer decided to pay after a long time.

Well, you can restore canceled bills and invoices and add payments.

You can also add taxes to transactions when creating New Income or New Expenses.

Additionally, you can easily access the history of invoices sent to a specific customer, enabling you to keep track of the number of times that customer has received an invoice.

License: BSL

Cüneyt and I founded Akaunting to create a successful business under the umbrella of free and open-source software (FOSS). However, over the years, we’ve seen significant changes in the landscape and have discussed the possibility of limiting and re-licensing our software.

Today, Akaunting adopts the Business Source License to ensure continued investment in its community and provide source code available accounting software. BSL is a source-available license that allows copying, modification, redistribution, non-commercial use, and commercial use under specific conditions. With this change, we are following a path similar to other companies in recent years. These companies include Sentry, HashiCorp, FingerprintJS, CockroachDB, and MariaDB, which developed this license in 2013.

This change will enable Akaunting to maintain open distribution of the software and protect against competitors repackaging our work in a way that threatens Akaunting’s continued development.


Over the past few years, we’ve released several new apps and features that impact how our users keep their books in Akaunting. However, the global economy has changed a lot. As a result, we’re forced to update our plans to serve our users better.

For our Cloud users, we have replaced the Free Cloud plan with the Standard Cloud plan. The Standard Cloud plan costs $96 per year or $12 per month. Existing users can create and send invoices for free on or before October 10, 2023. After that, you must select a plan to continue using Akaunting. You will be able to export your data by contacting us. Please visit the Cloud’s plans page for more details.

For our On-Premise (Self-Hosted) users, we have introduced new plans to support the ongoing development of Akaunting as open-source. One-person businesses can still use the Standard On-Premise plan for free, aside from the hosting costs. Please visit the On-Premise’s plans page for more details.


We offer a 31% discount on all plans until October 8, 2023, to support the transition to the new plans and celebrate the Akaunting 3.1 milestone.

How to update?

The new version is already live for the Cloud users – we would love your feedback!

For the On-Premise (Self-Hosted) users, updating your current Akaunting to the latest version is easy and smooth. Please take a complete backup (database and files) of your Akaunting before updating it. Then, update it with one click from the Update Center. For more information, refer to the Update documentation.


We hope the new Akaunting 3.1 version meets your needs. We promise to keep making improvements, especially those suggested by you. Please let us know if you have any ideas that may help improve Akaunting. You are our drive and inspiration.