Automatically trigger business-critical actions based on tasks performed in different apps and save yourself time & headache.

What is Automation?

It is an automated workflow to trigger various actions based on different events happening in Akaunting. This means you can set different activities or tasks based on conditions or events.

For example, you might want to send emails to a certain person when a bill is settled. When set up with the right condition, the system will automatically send the email to the designated person whenever a bill is settled; you won't need to do it manually. Or you may want to notify your sales team when the estimates (quotes) sent to a specific client get rejected.

Key Concepts

  1. Triggers: A set of pre-defined events that happen when you perform tasks like create an invoice, bill, quote, task, customer, vendor, project, etc.

  2. Conditions: Allows filtering events based on criteria to decide whether the action will be performed or not. For example, the estimate/quote gets rejected by the client.

  3. Actions: Automatic activities that would get performed if a trigger is initialized and the conditions are met. For example, sending an email or assigning a task, etc.

This app allows you to integrate core (sales, purchases, etc.) features and Projects, CRM, and a lot more apps with each other in a seamless way.

Automate the workflows of your company.

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Developer Mohammad Emran Hasan
Version 1.0.1
Compatibility 2.x
Added 01 Oct 2020
Updated 4 months ago
Category Operation
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