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Small Businesses

Convert your proposed ideas to revenue with professional and customizable quoting software. Create, send, and manage estimates that put your business and clients on the same page.

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Convert Your Valuable Ideas to Income

What's the point of creating and sending numerous estimates to your clients if they never get approved?

Akaunting estimating and quoting software saves you productive time with simplicity and provides features that make your proposals stand out for approval.

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With over 100 apps and 50+ Translated languages, the ease of doing accounting makes Akaunting the favorite of small businesses in 100+ countries.

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Start growing your business with Estimating software

Track your estimating processes from creating your first professional estimate to getting paid—Create and customize estimates, send, get approval, and convert it into payment invoices.

Quote like a pro!

Send professional-looking estimates that make your small business stand out to customers. Add your company's branding, pricing, notes, attachments, and customer details.

Due Dates

Encourage your customers to take action on estimates with due dates. Inform your clients when the quoted price is no longer valid for prompt responses.


Add approval buttons to your estimates to enable your customers "Approve" or "Refuse" your quotation for products/services. Share links or email Estimates to customers.

Convert to Invoice

Convert your proposed estimates to invoices with a few clicks for prompt payments. Send detailed estimates with pricing and quantity that easily converts into invoices.


Don't be blind-sighted to your client's indecision. You get notifications whenever a client views, approves, or refuses estimates and plan follow-up actions accordingly.


Get reports on estimates' performances to understand your business's effectiveness and efficiency. See a breakdown of the number of estimates sent and approved.

Do More Than Just Sending Estimates.

Combine quoting with free accounting software features for complete financial management.

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Create Invoices from Estimates

Estimates to Invoices

Send estimates to your clients and quickly convert them to invoices when approved. With the Estimates/Quotes app, it's convenient to convert Estimates into professionally designed invoices with a few clicks.

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Evaluate Your Processes

Estimates by Customers

See all estimates associated with each customer. Get insights from their approvals or refusals rates, plan follow-up actions, or review your quoting processes. You can filter Estimates by customers in reports.

Convert Proposals to Estimates


Create beautiful proposals outlining the steps, resources, and efforts required for successful implementation, easily convert them into Estimates on Akaunting, and get paid on time.

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Track Your Sales Order

Sales Orders

Get approvals for your estimates and quickly convert them to sales orders. Provide an estimate of the cost of your product or service, and confirm income on an estimate when you reach a sale agreement.

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Turn Ideas into Income

Improve Business Finances

Valuable ideas require financial compensation that impacts the cash flow of your business. Get approved estimates, convert them to invoices, and get paid online or through various payment gateways.

I couldn't imagine keeping my accounts balanced without Akaunting. I've already been using Akaunting for 16 months and never felt so organized and fast while doing bookkeeping.
Louise, Freelance Copywriter

Start Sending Quotes/Estimates

Enjoy the simplicity of sending and managing sales, construction, manufacturing estimates, and more on Akaunting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

What software is used for estimation?

Akaunting provides an intuitive quoting software that combines sending estimates and financial management on one platform. Create, customize, send, get approval and convert your estimates to invoices for quick payment.

How can I send Estimates using Akaunting?

Sending Estimates on Akaunting is easy. Sign up to Akaunting > Create your company > From the dashboard, visit the Akaunting App store > Download the Estimates/Quotes app > Install > Start sending Estimates.

How can I start using Akaunting for my business?

Akaunting is a free online and open-source accounting software that lets you manage your day-to-day bookkeeping workflows. To start using Akaunting, sign up here.

Is Akaunting really free?

Akaunting is free. You can send unlimited invoices, track expenses, add items and customers, pay bills, and more.