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There are several ways you can find answers to your Akaunting questions. It's important to use the right channel for the question you have.


Are you new to Akaunting and want to learn how to use it? Or you may be a developer looking for some details about Akaunting API, stucture or app/module development. Documentation is the right place to go first.

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If you are looking for a support channel to find answers for your quesitons and solutions for your problems, you can access our support forum today. Or are you an expert or confident your knowledge about Akaunting? Then what about helping Akaunting newbies?

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If you've purchased an app from the App Store and you've questions and/or problems, you can use the ticket system. The developer of the app will be informed about your ticket and they will be able to help you directly.

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If you have a more technical question, or if you believe you've found a bug in Akaunting then the issue tracker is the best place to post your problem. Also, what about involving in Akaunting's development? Join Akaunting's development on GitHub.

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Your ideas drive Akaunting community and Akaunting itself. So getting feed-back from Akaunting users and shaping the future of Akaunting with its users and lovers are so important for us. You can freely share your ideas today.

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