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When you set up a business, making countless plans for the future will become one of your business normals. The growth and development of the firm will depend on it, and creating and managing budgets is one of the first steps of planning the future of your business.

The Budget app is an essential tool for all companies. It helps to plan expenses and identify any potential shortfalls in meeting the targets. A budget is in place to help control and forecast how the company will perform based on certain factors like revenue management and growth or reduction in expenses by pinpointing where the company could meet shortfall or exceed set targets.

Budgeting can be best thought of as a form of planning. It is predicting how you will spend or make money for the future. Get the Budget app and start achieving your financial success today.

Ps: The Budgets app works only if the Double Entry app is installed, for now. 

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Developer Mohammad Emran Hasan
Version 1.0.0
Compatibility 2.x
Added 06 Jul 2021
Updated 2 weeks ago
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