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Contract management made easy

With the Contracts app, your contracts will always stay hyper-organized. Access your contracts electronically and instantly, anywhere you are. Having all contract billing details in one place means it is easy to get full transparency over your contract financials. Contracts app is so easy to use, you and your team won’t need any extensive training to get started.

  • Contracts: A contract is a legally binding document between at least two parties that defines and governs the rights and duties of the parties to an agreement.
  • Lifecycles: Lifecycle means keeping track of dates and action items which we call "Events". Lifecycles are always linked to a contract and give different types.
  • Financials: Financials of the contract are used to register incomes and expenses related to a contract. You can add as many transactions as necessary and combine different billing cycles, income, and expense transactions as well as different currencies.
  • Events: Events are created for a specific task or other important matter related to a contract that you want to keep track of. Events are always linked to a contract and you can think of it as a calendar entry on a specific date.
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Developer Sevan Nerse
Version 2.1.3
Compatibility 2.x
Added 07 Apr 2021
Updated 2 months ago
Category Operation
Documentation N/A