by Sevan Nerse

Want all your products, customers and orders to automaticall...

Want all your products, customers and orders to automatically be fed into your Akaunting? No problem, install this app to connect your online store built on Magento 2 with Akaunting.

Eliminate manual accounting and human error associated with manual bookkeeping. This integration automatically and accurately records sales income, tax, products, and customers.

This app will sync your current and future Magento 2 data (products, customers, orders) with Akaunting. Seamless. Automatic.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Increase your productivity

By subscribing, you don't have to worry about any kind of upgrade costs. Just keep using the software and enjoy all the new features as long as your subscription lasts.

What's included

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Unlimited installation

  • Updates & support during the subscription period

  • Secure cloud storage

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$7 per month

Billed yearly.

You save $44 a year!

I want to use my own server.





11 May 2020

Just, WOW. The Magento Automatic Sync for Akaunting is the real deal. It literally lets me sync all of my data from MA to AK, and from AK to MA. It's amazing to me that as soon as a customer places an order on the site, it appears in Akaunting immediately, without ANY effort required on my part. Everything is updated and synchronized without me having to even think about it.

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