by Sevan Nerse

Project Management and Team Collaboration Software All in On...

Project Management and Team Collaboration Software All in One.

This app allows you to manage teamwork and deliver projects timely. You can create unlimited projects, attach them to incomes and expense transactions, discuss with your team, upload files, and a lot more.


  • Get a bird's eye view of all your company projects
  • Create unlimited tasks and involve as many people as you want
  • Keep all your team's discussions in one place for easy reference
  • Allow your team to comment on projects and speedy feedback
  • See all of your project files in one place
  • Know every bit of the update in a project from the activities page
  • Attach invoices, revenues, bills, and payments to projects
  • Track the profit and loss per project from the overview page
  • Track the time spent on a task
  • Convert spent times of tasks easily to invoices with different methods
  • Specialized project overview for project owners

Produce better work faster with your team.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Increase your productivity

By subscribing, you don't have to worry about any kind of upgrade costs. Just keep using the software and enjoy all the new features as long as your subscription lasts.

What's included

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Unlimited installation

  • Updates & support during the subscription period

  • Secure cloud storage

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$5 per month

Billed annually.

You save $32 a year!

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28 Jul 2020

I like the prioritization of tasks and due dates help me stay focused on the most important tasks.


11 Jun 2020

It is great to be able to create to-do lists and tick off tasks as you go. The collaborative nature of the app means that everyone involved with a certain project can view the to-do list and clearly see who is responsible for the completion of certain tasks.


21 May 2020

Has been really helpful in keeping track of and prioritizing tasks, especially as part of a team of colleagues. We can all see how each other are doing and what the status of things are. Highly recommend this app.


04 May 2020

This apps makes easy to see exactly who is doing what, set up deadlines, and have conversations on relevant tasks right there within the base. You can also choose who gets notified when there is activity or conversation around a particular task. And the support team is really great.


15 Apr 2020

It is a perfect tool is super useful for managing work teams and coordinating teams is super easy to use, has an intuitive interface and easy, is very simple to configure it. I love the ability to put widgets everywhere.

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