Sales/Purchase Orders

by Burak Çakırel

Simplify online sales/purchase order management While a S...

Simplify online sales/purchase order management

While a Sales Order is a document sent to customers confirming the items and prices of a sale, a Purchase Order, on the contrary, is a document sent to vendors confirming the items and prices of a purchase. A sales order is usually created after a quote/estimate is accepted by customers and items are ready to be shipped or delivered to customers.


  • Create unlimited sales/purchase orders
  • Customize company logo, background colour, add a background image, select the font, and more
  • Convert the sales/purchase orders into invoices/bills
  • Attach receipts, bills, or other associated files
  • Print, clone, or share orders over email to collaborate and get things done faster
  • In case of low stock, create a partial invoice for the available products and ship them out directly
  • In case of low stock, convert a sales order into a purchase order to send to your vendor instantly
  • With new reports that come with this app, identify your top customers/vendors
  • Integrate with the Estimates (Quotes) app and convert an approved estimate/quote into a sales order, and then into an invoice

Track any items ordered, as well as the agreed-upon price with the customer/vendor.

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06 May 2021

This app made the purchasing process very easy and increased my control of the business. Also, reports are pretty useful.

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