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Welcome to Akaunting forums!

Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 6 years ago

Dear Akaunting users,

This forum section is dedicated to you (especially Akaunting newbies) to get support for your general questions, issues and share thoughts. You can browse forum categories and find a proper category to open your topics. As soon as possible an Akaunter will popup there to help you.

Meanwhile it's good to know that we officially use our GitHub page for bug reports. So forums for what and whom?

1) If you are new to Akaunting, you can use this forum for "Getting started" topics/questions like: installation, usage, management etc...
2) To get and provide support for Akaunting in your native language
3) To report bugs in case you are not familiar with GitHub
4) To contact with others or to deliver your thoughts about general topics


Finally, don't miss the Forum Rules.

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