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App pricing confirmation

Pulsans Technology   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

I was looking for a one off accounting solution built on laravel i can customise for as an accounting solution. I was looking to purchase the double entry and projects package.

Now I wanted to confirm if I install the packages, I will have to pay for the package after one year? otherwise it wont work?

Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 5 years ago

You have to pay only if you want support and updates. Otherwise, you can use the app for lifetime.

Phil Stoker   ( User )

Commented 2 years ago

But will the app(s) continue to work with newer versions of Akaunting?
(Hosted and/or self-hosted.)
Or might they break when the main app changes?

I noticed Double Entry had version number 2.1.7. Does it mean it's specifically for Akaunting 2.1.7, or does each app follow it's own versioning?

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