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Apps installed no showing

Francisco Gayosso   ( User )

Commented 6 years ago

 Im new on akaunting software, i just installed akaunting on my Centos NGINX server,
and i was playing around and installed piwik and woopra.

Sadly i didnt see any changes, in the settings menu im not seeing the Settings > Piwik page as the installation says so.

Corey D Kaplan   ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

I'm experiencing this with the CRM app I downloaded.

Corey D Kaplan   ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

I just spoke with my hosting company, and they said since my hosting plan is on a shared server plan, I can't really fully use akaunting. I guess if I were to have a dedicated server I would be able to install apps within the akaunting software.

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