Can not pay to purchase app

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  • Tashu Gudokin    ( User ) 4 months ago
    (i) Have been trying to pay for over a week to purchase but unable to.

    (ii) Your CC payment system does *not* instill confidence in customer. Why don't you give other 3rd party payment options like PayPal, too.

    (iii) I tried to raise a ticket --- it refused saying that I had not purchased any app!

    You have an outstanding product! Please give more attention to operational & marketing aspects, too. Thanks
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 4 months ago
    Hello Tashu,

    Thanks for your feedback, we do appreciate it.

    The payment gateway we use, iyzico, has got investments from different and confidential institutions such as IFC (International Finance Corporation), Endeavor, etc and just been acquired by PayU:

    So you can be sure it's pretty confident and we don't intend to add another option in the near future.

  • Tashu Gudokin    ( User ) 4 months ago
    Hi Denis, Thanks for your quick reply. Nice to hear that your payment gateway is a reputable company.

    So, I assume there are some issues that I'm unable to understand which is stopping me from paying you $39 to purchase your app "Custom Fields". I again tried 2 times just a few minutes ago and they both failed.

    Let me explain what happens --- when I submit my payment info at the checkout and click the button "confirm", it seems to load and then it sends an email with this message:

    The payment has been confirmed. Now you can install the app as per these instructions.

    But, when I follow the instruction I do not find any app under "My Apps" under my control panel. And, money also does not get deducted from my card. I tried to paste the relevant screenshot in this message, but it did not allow I If you need these screenshots to analyze the issue, please let me know how to send them to you).

    I very much need to purchase this app and I'll be highly thankful if you could help me.
  • Tashu Gudokin    ( User ) 4 months ago
    And, to help you search the issue in your system --- I tried to pay on (i) Aug 26, 2019 (ii) Sep 07, 2019 (iii) Sep 08, 2019.

    Got the same results each time. Thanks
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 4 months ago
    Hello Tashu,

    Can you please try now again?

  • Taim    ( User ) 4 hours ago
    I also tried twice paying for app "Double Entry" but it gave error that operation not approved. Why PayPal is not an option on Akaunting? Please add PayPal.
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 hours ago
    Hello Taim,

    It seems that your bank is not allowing international transactions to your card, you can allow them with your bank.

    I'm sorry but PayPal is not available.

  • Taim    ( User ) 3 hours ago

    Not sure, but I can buy online everywhere with my card. I only faced this issued with akaunting payment system.


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