Composite Items

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  • Dennis Pettersson    ( User ) 4 days ago
    I see in the Apps section for Inventory that it support composite items, but the documentation/slides, doesn't show how it works.
    We have a restaurant, in which we sell meals, e.g. Pepperoni Pizza. However, we don't stock that item but we stock its ingredients, wheat flour, cheese, tomato and toppings.
    Will the Inventory module solve the task to define one item as consisting of other items and deduct the stock of the ingredients, when we sell a composite item?
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 days ago

    You can use the ticket system for support related to apps:

  • Dennis Pettersson    ( User ) 2 days ago
    Thanks for the reply, but this isn't a support issue but a pre-sale question, if the product meet the requirement i ask about.
    Kind regards

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