Composite Produts in inventory app

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  • Tiago Vaz    ( User ) 1 week ago
    Can some tell me if the inventory app, allows me to create composite products? i have a restaurant and i need track the ingredients every time i sell a dish, so that is very important for me and to buy the app i need to know if will allow me to do that?
  • Leonardo Gomes    ( User ) 1 week ago
    Hi Tiago,

    The Inventory app allows you to add options to items. For example:

    - CheeseBurguer - Large Combo(Fries and Soda)
    - Cheese Burguer - Medium Combo ( Fries only)

    If your intention is to somehow say:
    CheeseBurguer is compose of:
    - 1 Hambuguer
    - 1 Bread
    - 0,5 Tomato
    - ....

    Then no, the app doesn't provide you that.

    Hope this replies you

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