Double-Entry Banking Transactions

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  • Erik Frandin    ( User ) 1 month ago
    Hey all. I am new to the software. I am an experienced CPA and mid-experienced developer (finishing up Masters in computer science). I am interested in this package, for obvious reasons. The video demo did not show if a revenue/expense account could be selected on a bank transaction. Would this be possible? Also, would the upload template be updated with the new field to upload bulk transactions? If not, these are deal breakers for me at this point. Thanks!
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 1 month ago

    Unfortunately, those are not available at the moment.

  • Erik Frandin    ( User ) 1 month ago
    If I wanted to work on adding those features, would I have to pay for the add-on? How does the process work for enhancing Akaunting, Inc. developed apps?

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