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Civicrm - Drupal - Akaunting Integration

Zulfi Erken   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Firstly, thanks for the great project. It looks like very promising. As I understood this is relatively new. I just have a request or suggestion as you may call. Civicrm started as a standalone software and later recognized that without a strong CMS backend, people do not tend to use it and it is very time consuming to develop all features. As I result, now, you can install Civicrm as a part of CMS and that is great with seamless integration.

Accordingly it would be great if you can make Akaunting part of CRM and CMS.

For instance, I am using Civicrm for my CRM issues and use Drupal for content management (keeping items with detailed information (namely products from Drupal Commerce). It would be great if there is a way to integrate Akaunting to the Civicrm and better if it can be integrated to the Drupal. I mean:

Customer and Vendor List = Will be directly taken from Civicrm Database since all the information you use is there (alternatively it can be integrated with Drupal users as well). As a result no one will need to enter customer information again and it will be always synced. There can be even an option (hook) to update customer list whenever a civicrm or drupal user is updated. If necessary, there can be an option to sync only the contacts in specified groups if you think there are too many unnecessary contacts and sync directly or use directly from their table.

Item List: Item list can be taken from Drupal Products. It already covers all the items fields.

Invoices: Commerce Orders Can be added directly as Invoices with just an import option to select manual or auto invoice create. Moreover, transactions can be automised with Drupal payment type as well.

Bills: There can be mapping with Drupal or can be left alone. I am using Drupal Purchase Order module for this purpose.

Categories: Can be taken from Drupal Vocabulary and can create sub categories with multiple steps. With the power of Drupal this can be synced also.

A module package can provide all these features. and people like me who are looking for Accounting solution can start using Akaunting since it will take no effort at all to start.


Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 5 years ago

Thanks for your suggestions but we're not going to change our structure as everything is going pretty good.

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