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Custom Report

Jeffrey M Freeman    ( User )

Commented 5 months ago

Before I commit to using this software - is there a way to generate custom reports? I'm not seeing reports to generate Expense type reports. I have other types of views I would like to see data as well.

Leonardo Gomes    ( User )

Commented 5 months ago

Hi Jeffrey!

If you are talking about a GUI interface to create custom reports, the answer is NO.
However, if you are confortable with coding.. we can easily make them though a custom module.

If you're not confortable with coding we may talk, and i can help you!

Let me know,

Colin CSO    ( User )

Commented 4 months ago

Is there documentation for Custom Reports?

Johnny    ( User )

Commented 3 months ago

Leonardo Gomes, contact me: [email protected]

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