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Flarum Forums Integration

Pedro    ( User )

Commented 11 months ago

Hello to everyone!

I'm thinking about adding a forum to Akauting software to engage and create a friendly atmosphere among the users.

Would It work this way:
- Only Admin can create and delete forums (topics, etc.).
- All of the users in Akauting software would be view the forums and start a topic.
- When I create a new manager user, automatically, a user in Flarum would be create too (with a random avatar, for example).
- The Forum Flarum can work with an APP.
- Mobile friendly

It is a good one?
Would it work?
What do you think about that?

Denis Duliçi    ( Admin )

Commented 11 months ago

Hello Pedro,

That would be interesting. Are you going to embed Flarum into Akaunting or how is going to get accessed?


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