Offline & Online Data Sync Creation

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  • Adarsha    ( User ) 9 months ago

    Can we create a bridge between the Localhost version and cloud version so that they sync in both ways when they're connected to internet.
    And whenever they aren't connected to internet, they'll keep the changes and update whenever they're online.

    How to make this kinda apps?

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 9 months ago
    Hello Adarsha,

    That's not possible/available atm but a 3rd party developer can make it.

  • Burak Çakırel    ( User ) 9 months ago
    Hi Adarsha,

    What do you mean localhost version? Do you need a desktop application of Akaunting?

    Kindly Regards,
    Burak Çakırel
  • Adarsha    ( User ) 9 months ago
    Hello Burak,

    Actually we need a cross platform invoice application.

    For our regular works at outlets, we need a desktop version of invoice creation as it should and will work faster than the cloud version. Also it'll sync the data between the cloud version and desktop. It will/ should work offline.

    Our main data will be stored in cloud.

  • Gopal Rathod    ( User ) 4 months ago
    Hello Adarsha,
    That is possible but chance to duplicate invoices. But one-way possible from localhost to cloud and your invoice id may different from localhost to live.

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