time tracking integrated with projects and payroll

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  • Henry Weismann    ( User ) 5 days ago
    I need time tracking integrated with projects and payroll. I am willing to pay for this if it gets rolled into the app either as a paid addon or free or part of the main app. We are capable of building it ourselves but we find value in if it gets added and supported. Let me know?
  • Sevan Nerse    ( User ) 5 days ago
    Hi Henry,

    I am developer of Projects app.
    Nowadays, I am working on new version of the Projects app that contains time-tracking feature.
    I guess It will be completed in a couple weeks.

  • Henry Weismann    ( User ) 4 days ago
    That is awesome!
  • Henry Weismann    ( User ) 4 days ago
    Do you know who created the payroll part?
  • Sevan Nerse    ( User ) 4 days ago
    I guess Akaunting itself.
    You could check from the app page.
    There should be developer information on the right hand side of the page.
  • Henry Weismann    ( User ) 4 days ago
    Yeah Can you possible send me the new schema for the database for the work you are doing?

    I will be syncing with your work and here is what I was going to create. Let me know if this is close and if not please send your schema so I can continue work on my syncing with my third party system while doing things the way you are with the db at least:

    id, employee_id, project_id, date_from, date_to
    (where project id=0 is default can enter dates with different rates to account for rate changes over time)

    id, time,employee_id, project_id,task_id,sub_task_id, billable,task_category

    category would be like web design, web development, quality assurance, etc etc

    this is because I will be syncing third party systems:
    id, entity_type, our_system_id, remote_system_id
    where entity type is one of customer, employee, project, task, sub task

    As far as employees and projects and tasks Akaunting already has places to store that data but does it have a concept of sub tasks?

    Thanks so much!

    Do you have a ?

  • Sevan Nerse    ( User ) 3 days ago
    It is an early stage to share structure of database. If it is ready i will share immediately. Please contact with me below address to talk details.

    [email protected]


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