Company Logo Uploading Issue

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  • Mario    ( User ) 6 months ago
    Even uploading the company logo img and saving the changes, it stills showing the akaunting logo on the side panel.

    Any solution for this issue? Thank you in advance.
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 6 months ago
    Hello Mario,

    Any screenshot of your issue?

  • Alejandro G. Bedoya    ( User ) 6 months ago
    Hello! The Akaunting Logo will display on top-left always. Your company logo will be displayed below on top on the menu at left of the company name.

    If you wish to change the Akaunting Logo, you must change the template on: ./resources/views/partials/admin/header.blade.php
  • Manos Panagiotakis    ( User ) 5 months ago
    Good morning team, I have one issue. I cannot change my company logo. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance
  • Tj Nelson    ( User ) 5 months ago
    Can't upload logo
  • Akut Wibowo    ( User ) 5 months ago
    I also cannot upload logo, profile photo, etc. Resulting cannot view invoice.

    Undefined variable: logo (View: /home/xx/public_html/resources/views/sales/invoices/show.blade.php)
  • Tj Nelson    ( User ) 5 months ago
    I'm going back to Wave.
  • Focuss    ( User ) 4 months ago
    I have the same problem, any solution ??
  • Syukur Mohd    ( User ) 4 months ago
    any solution to upload logo? i have the same problem.
  • Am    ( User ) 4 months ago
    Same here. It seems to be a bug. I browse, select the logo for upload and save but nothing. No logo gets uploaded

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