Doubt reusing Akaunting's layouts

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  • Ricardo Rodriguez    ( User ) 2 years ago


    I'm trying to develop a custom module, so far I've added a submenu like this: (I'm unable to insert the image).

    The next step is to create the front-end. So I was wondering if it any chance to reuse Akaunting's layouts like

    I've been trying to do it extending some layouts like admin with its partial views but they use several data, like notifications for example, that are binded from the controller.

    My point is, is this the right approach? Should I extend from this layout and bind the data too? Or is there another path?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Hi again,

    I decided to reuse some simple layout with a form like the create new client, but unfortunately it doesn't show Admin Panel as you can see below:

    For showing this panel, it uses Menu::get('AdminMenu') from but it is not working.

    I tried <<use Menu;>> in the Controller but it didnt work neither.

    Thanks in advance

  • Ricardo Rodriguez    ( User ) 2 years ago

     Okey, fixed. Big shout out to Seow, creator of the App Projects, for helping me.

    I didn't place in my route's file permission to get the AdminMenu and permission to read.

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