localhost:8000 shows nothing

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  • Wilfred    ( User ) 2 days ago
    I cloned the akaunting repo from github, installed both composer and npm dependencies, run npm run dev, then run php artisan serve. On browsing to http://localhost:8000, these are my observations. In mozilla I don't see anything, In chrome I see 500 error. No details. My debug is on but I don't see any laravel debug info. Is this the right procedure for running akaunting in development mode? Why is not working?
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 1 day ago
    There is no serve in Akaunting, you need a server to run it.
  • Wilfred    ( User ) 1 day ago
    My computer is the server. Since it is opensource I thought there should be a way to run it may computer to see how it functions and probably make contributions to it.
  • Wilfred    ( User ) 1 day ago
    I understood what you are saying here. I used my apache server and it worked. Thanks

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