Mail not sending on correct time and multiple times

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  • Jaimy Borgman    ( User ) 7 months ago
    Hi there,

    There is an issue for a while in akaunting where the system is sending recurring invoices on first of all the wrong time due too timezone settings which are ignored on that level. Besides that it looks like the client (since they told me) are getting e-mail twice. Also it looks like the system is ignoring any manually send invoice, so it's sending them again.

    Does anyone know when this will be fixed in another update? I've read a few months ago another topic about this and timezone stuff, but without the emailing issues if i remember correctly but couldn't find back that topic.

    Would like to hear from you.

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 7 months ago
    Hello Jaimy,

    It looks like a weird issue. Which version of Akaunting are you using?


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