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  • Ramon Sousa    ( User ) 3 years ago

    Hello Brother,


    I wonder if it is possible to add new functions to the system.

    example: I want to add a table to receive data from a kitchen, such as used products, recipes, etc ...


    it's possible?

    If so, can you give me tips?

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 years ago

    Hello Ramon,

    Here you can find how to extend the system


  • Dave    ( User ) 3 years ago


    Ironicly, I too am interested in that exact realm of data myself in regards to restaurant & banquet admin work; let me know about your progress.  When I get the opportunities to tinker, I hope to base all my admin work & tracking with software similar to that of Akaunting; & I appreciate the developers for a clean, customizable software with the option to self-host that is currently in the early stages.  Look forward in following. Good Luck.

    Take care

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