Adding existing user to the company created

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  • Carla Dichoso    ( User ) 1 month ago

    We are using Akaunting cloud version. How can I add an existing user (staff) to the company I created?

  • Leonardo Gomes    ( User ) 1 month ago
    Hello Carla,

    Under your avatar profile you have a menu. Click on it. Then go to Users.
    You will be able to add users to your existant company.
  • Carla Dichoso    ( User ) 1 month ago
    I tried it, but t doesn't work. When I enter an email address there's a pop note that email has been already taken. Does it mean we can't add existing user to the company we created?
  • Picopa88    ( User ) 3 weeks ago
    I also have the problem of needing to grant access and admin rights to more than one employee in the company's management but I can't find any additional entry like adding a gmail account to the dashboard page to accuracy. We currently have to use another intermediary online slitherio instead.
  • Leonardo Gomes    ( User ) 3 weeks ago
    Hi Carla.

    That means that the email your trying to add is being used in another company of the cloud version

    The cloud version is like a very big installation. So E-mails cannot be re-used for 2 differents companies.
    Try to reach the contact support email or buy a dedicated support plan.

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