Amount is not clear in Report. Need responsive

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  • Kamal    ( User ) 2 weeks ago
    Hello Greeting,
    The amount is not clear in reports like Income vs Expense, Expense summary, Income Summary, all Income & Expense summary. Why can't we make the table responsive to these reports? please have a look at a screenshot here ->
    Let's make a responsive table and the amount should be readable.
    Thanks in advance
  • Jean Felix E St Jean    ( User ) 1 week ago
  • Kamal    ( User ) 5 days ago
    Hey Jean, what is that?

    we need a responsive table not static. If we use bootstrap, it is responsive. Why all table in Akaunting software is static. If the content is long, it just overflows. It is very bad for today. Now all web application is responsive. see screenshots below.

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