Api Example for Creating Payments

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  • Migouni    ( User ) 6 months ago

    Since nothing about the API is documented, could you please provide an example on how to create a payment entry with f.i. Postman?

    I've tried to access: /api/payments with this json body:

        "paid_at": "2018-12-09",
        "currency_code": "EUR",
        "currency_rate": 1,
        "amount": 123,
        "account_id": 2,
        "recurring_frequency": "no",
        "recurring_interval": 1,
        "recurring_custom_frequency": "monthly",
        "recurring_count": 0,
        "payment_method": ""


    But no matter how I change the request, I keep getting this error message:

    "message": "The given data failed to pass validation.",
    "status_code": 500


    Thank you.

  • Gopal Rathod    ( User ) 6 months ago

    Pass post data as 'form-data' not a 'x-www-form-urlencoded'. I have face same issue and its solve. Also check in database beacuse API response blank.

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