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Apply different taxes rate on different income

Daimon   ( User )

Commented 2 months ago

Hi there,

I need help with a thing that might be easy but I'm having quite a problem to set this up.

I need different tax % applied on different income sources.


Client A pays 1000$ through bank transfer >I need just the 25% applied from my fiscal regime so > 1000-250=750

Client B pays 1000% through stripe > I need still the 25% applied on top but I want also a -3% due to the stripe fee.

So generally speaking I need a way to manipulate some % to cut off depending on the customers and his payment method or other variables.

Apparently when registering a payment the tax option doesn't appear, so is this managed by bank account maybe? Not sure.

Is that possible in akaounting? Can somebody help?

Thanks for those who will help


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